Privacy Notice
Our store has enormous respect for the individuality and privacy of our users and guarantees the secrecy of information gotten through our website.

Our commitment is to keep in secrecy absolute all and any information of our users, gotten through our site, respected the exceptions foreseen in this politics.

Collects of the Information
We request information when you:
1. Sign-in to member (also to speed the purchase process);
2. make a order;
3. join to a promotion / discount;
4. join our newsletter (e-mail list);

In the email case list you will be able to cancel your register any time, has access your account in the Newsletters option click to remove your email.

Use of the Information
The information supplied for you will be kept in secrecy and will be used only to speed your relation of customer with the Store. Anyway, we wish to help and to find the information that you more quickly need in our site and to inform it on updates of products, offers special and new services of the Store.

All the considered information sigilosas, for effect of this politics, will be used exclusively for the Store, objectifying the improvement of our relation with you.

Personal and individual information will not be seller or repassed for the Store third under no hypothesis.

The Store if reserves the right to produce aggregate statistical analyses of characteristics or behavior of our users, objectifying the measurement of interest in the search of products and services placed to the disposal in our site.

Such analyses will be able, the exclusive criterion of the Store, being informed our commercial partners, used in promocional stuffs or advertising executive, published in the site under form of notice or cited in releases or journalistic substances.

Security of the Information
Our system of sells was projected to offer options related with the privacy of the information of your credit card, name, residence, e-mail and any another information that has in the supplied one.

The Store commits to preserve it the security of the relative data to the information collected in our site.

Through your navigator, we offer to the measures of security standard of the market available, called SSL. (Our site is certified) For more information on our Certification, click on the logo SSL, in the menu beside.

It has been the practical of the Store to enter in contact with our customers in the case of a potential problem with your purchase or any related normal communication with the same one.

Use of cookies
New technologies in the Internet are appearing that in help to offer them to personalized services our visitors.

We use cookies mainly that in they help them to determine which information of service and support your computer is appropriate and to speed your experience of purchase in our site.

This Politics of Privacy can eventually be modified by the Store in all or parts, having therefore being verified periodically. This politics does not create any contractual bond between the Store and any another part.

Final Information
Ours Politics of Privacy and Security is supported in the Code of Defense of the Consumer, main law that conducts the rights of the consumers, as well as is validated by our Legal Department.

In case of some divergence on ours Politics of Privacy and Security guard, or claims on the given services, feel free to contact us.
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